Driving a restored volkswagen has been compared to a religious experience. You won't start speaking in tongues or rolling down the aisle of your classic bus, but some people have reported feeling like they themselves have been restored.

Experience is the key to a perfect restoration, and we have restored all of the models of air-cooled cars that the VW factory has produced.

We offer complete and partial restorations. Stock or custom. Body and paint. Pan replacements and detailing. Renewal of all rubber and glass. Re-chroming and powdercoating. Individual restoration on parts such as bumpers, steering wheels, headlights and wheels. We can also restore, repair and detail your convertible top and sunroof mechanisms.

For a complete restoration, we go the Full Monty and strip your VW entirely. We can then treat the pan and body with rust-preventative chemicals, sometimes going so far as dipping the entire car in a vat of the stuff. We painstakingly repaint the car, making sure every area that shows after assembly has the correct finish. In the meantime, we have ordered your parts so there is no lag time in re-assembling your classic.

We understand that people have budgets and prefer to have their car restored to their specifications, not ours. We also understand that some people like to restore their car one step at a time, while the car is still being used. We know the difference between a daily driver and a show car. You can have it either way at Lavere's.