"Delivered on time and on budget...Beautiful job (featured in Vintage Edition Hot VW's), very professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of VW Restorations. I would highly recommend using LaVere's VW Restorations."

-Jim Stratigos

"If it is VW related and you cant get it at LaVere's, you probabaly cant get it at all!"

-Will Lennan

"What a find!! After having the dealer give me the mistaken advice that I needed a wiring harness for my 1977 Bus because they could not diagnose why the engine would quit for no apparent reason, I was ready to give up the car, which I bought new in '77, and look for something else. I just happened to be in the yellow pages, when I spotted LaVere's ad. It was like mana from heaven, because THEY know my Bus and their work has given me a car that runs great, with power to burn. Thanks guys for all the work you have put into my Bus, I am so pleased with the way it runs!!!"

-Anjali Peruman

"I always like to visit the shop because I get good reliable service. You're always willing to help out, answer questions, talk about VW's in general, and you always know what part I'm talking about, or where to find it at. When I need work done on my bus that I can't do, you have qualified people to do the job. Tuning motors, brakework, tranny work, or full restorations if need be.

-Dave Barnes

"Tish and I just got back from a ride out in the country. The bug is certainly a head turner. We really enjoy tooling around the area in it."

-Ken Wasulko

"I'd be happy to recommend your services to anyone who would ask. I was very pleased with the bus. I received it in exactly the condition you described. While the bus had many very positive attributes, you didn't cover up or mislead me in any way with respect to the problems. There were no unpleasant surprises. Doing business long distance was not a problem. We had many preliminary conversations and you sent every picture I asked for. I'm very happy with the results. You treated me very well. Hope this helps and I hope all is well with your family and business."

-John J. Wright


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